Microblading Aftercare

Proper Aftercare is Essential to Maintaining Long-Lasting Results Following Your Microblading Treatment

Each client's skin responds differently to these treatments. This information acts as a guideline only:  

  • Immediately following your procedure, the tattooed area will appear to be darker and bolder in color and more sharply defined. This can last up to a week after the treatment while the initial healing process takes place.
  • Swelling and redness is minimal with most clients and will disappear within 24-48 hours. In some cases, it may last around the eyebrow area for up to 3 days. The treated area may feel a bit like a sunburn afterward but there should only be minimal discomfort.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the tattooed area. Wash the tattooed area GENTLY 3-5 times a day (every 4-6 hours) with lukewarm water and unscented antibacterial soap. Do not scrub or use much pressure.
  • Apply a very small amount of the provided ointment to dry skin in the morning after cleaning the eyebrows with warm water. Apply using a disposable cotton swab for the first 7 days
  • During the initial healing period, there should be minimal flaking of the skin. If there is flaking do not pick it. Allow the dry skin to come off on its own.
  • Keep it out of the sun throughout the healing process.
  • The complete healing process takes about 6-8 weeks, at which time the true color of the tattoo is evident. During this process, your tattoo will soften and lighten. Be patient, even if you think too much color has been lost, as your skin is still regenerating and naturally exfoliating. Wait at least 6 weeks to see the true color, as it seems to take on new strength, and it is only after 6 weeks that your touch-up/adjustment can be done. Keep in mind that microbladed brows healed up to 30% softer than the initial color.


  • You may shower or bathe normally, but avoid using any soaps or cleansers on the treated area for the first week, as they can be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to stabilize in the dermis. 
  • DO NOT pick or scratch at the dry skin/flakiness; let the skin fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring and premature loss of pigment. IMPORTANT: Once the flakes have fallen off, a shiny layer of healing skin will completely cover the hair strokes. It may appear as though the tattooed area has completely disappeared. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair strokes will slowly reappear at a lighter shade as your skin regenerates.
  • DO NOT apply make-up to the tattooed area for the first 2 weeks. Cosmetics of any kind may interfere with the healing and color of your tattoo. 
  • DO NOT use any type of moisturizer, Vaseline, Neosporin, or other petroleum-based products while healing.
  • DO NOT bleach, dye, or tint the tattooed area for one month following the procedure.
  • DO NOT apply any anti-acne products (e.g. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactive, etc.) or lightening creams (skin bleaching creams) such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.
  • No anti-aging products or facial products containing Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids.
  • DO NOT thread, wax, or use hair removal products on the treated area while healing. 
  • NO exercising and/or sweating for one week after getting microbladed. 
  • NO swimming pools, Jacuzzis, or other bodies of water for two weeks.
  • DO NOT soak your face underwater in a bathtub or allow the shower to spray directly on your face for two weeks.

Once You've Healed:

  • Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and discoloration of the pigment. Once completely healed, you may apply sunscreen on the treated area. Wear large sunglasses and a hat for further protection. Rinse and dry the area thoroughly when in contact with chlorine.
  • Glycolic acid, microdermabrasion, and chemical face peel products must be kept away from the tattooed area as continued use could lighten the pigment. 
  • If you are having laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after your tattoo has healed, please inform the laser technician. Continue at your own discretion. Laser procedures may darken, lighten, or discolor the tattooed area.

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