From Ears To Eyebrows: Your Source For Piercings Near Farmington Hills, MI

From the simplest ear piercings to the most elaborate nose, lip, and belly button work, piercing is a great way to express yourself- but only if you do it right! Chroma Tattoo offers safe, quality piercings for clients in Ferndale and all over Metro Detroit. No matter the size, shape, and location, we have the resources and expertise to give you exactly the piercings you want.

At Chroma, we recognize that getting piercings is a highly personal decision, which is why we listen carefully to all your plans and desires from the beginning. From their size to their shape to their specific location, we make sure that your piercings look exactly the way that you intended. We can perform all of this work in a single session, so you can quickly achieve the look you desire.

A Piercing Artist with a Plethora of Skills

The Chroma team has experience with a wide variety of piercings, including:
  • Belly Button Piercing
  • Ear Piercing
  • Eyebrow Piercing
  • Lip Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Nasal Septum Piercing
  • Tongue Piercing
  • Dermals

In addition to piercings, Chroma provides jewelry to fill them with. We only use jewelry that is of the highest quality. Examples may include titanium, niobium, and 14-18k gold (without nickel). We also rely entirely on jewelry that is internally threaded. In this way, we reduce the risk of irritation, and any other complications, allowing you to enjoy your piercings and jewelry undisturbed.

Local Piercing Artist - Kim Johnson of Chroma Tattoo


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Piercing Aftercare From Chroma Tattoo Near Ferndale MI

Aftercare is essential for your health and safety when you get a piercing, which is why Chroma Tattoo pays close attention to this step. We tailor our care to the specific part of your body we pierce, identifying all the possible ways that the piercing could become disturbed or otherwise compromised. We then clean the area thoroughly and take any steps necessary to prevent inflammation or irritation.

Not only does Chroma Tattoo perform quality aftercare, but we give you the information you need to continue this care long after you leave our premises. We educate you on the specific risks associated with your piercing or piercings, and give you instructions on keeping them clean and undisturbed. We also let you know whether there are any particular products you need for health and safety. With our help, you can keep your piercings and jewelry safe, clean, and comfortable for the long haul.

If your look for a piercing artist in the Ferndale area, be sure to head over to Chroma Tattoo in West Bloomfield, MI. Call us today with any questions you may have about our piercings.