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Improving Your Ink: Laser Tattoo Removal & Correction Services In Southeast Michigan

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Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and your artistic sense, but that doesn't make them risk-free. Whether because the tattoo artist made a mistake or because you changed your mind, you may decide you don't like your ink anymore. Chroma Tattoo can remove or adjust tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Operating out of West Bloomfield, we offer laser tattoo removal, lightening, and correction services throughout Plymouth and the Metro Detroit area. With our help, you'll never have to live with ink you don't like. Whether you need a tattoo removed, lightened, or corrected our artists can handle any challenge - guaranteed!

Tattoo Removal

Chroma Tattoo invests in the most effective laser removal technology on the market. Our equipment can eliminate even the most elaborate tattoo designs, as well as stark colors like green and blue that many clients assume can never be completely removed. We are so confident in our ability to get rid of old tattoos that we don't even make you sign a contract ahead of time! Instead, we allow you to pay as you go, giving you an opportunity to first decide whether you're happy with our services. Combined with our competitive pricing and commitment to comprehensive, tailored care, we offer all clients a chance to move on from even the worst tattoos.

Tattoo Lightening

While some people want to get rid of mistaken or outdated tattoos entirely, others prefer to incorporate them into new tattoos. To aid in this process, we provide tattoo lightening services. This reduces the darkness of your current tattoo, making it easier for you to get new ink over it. Through strategic lightening, we allow you to seamlessly incorporate even the darkest and most elaborate designs into new art.

Tattoo Corrections

From misspelled names to incorrect coloring, tattoo mistakes are a huge source of embarrassment. The Chroma Tattoo team can correct these mistakes while leaving the overall image intact. Thanks to our precise laser equipment, we can remove even the subtlest errors and replace them with what you originally intended. You'll never have to live with a tattoo that isn't on point.

We're Plymouth, MI's Top Laser Tattoo Removal

Our team at Chroma Tattoo values our customers opinions about their experience. Browse through a few of our reviews from satisfied customers. We proudly serve clients in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Paige Saum
"I've never had a "go-to" place or person for tattoos and piercings but I do now! Karlos was great to work with and went above and beyond my expectations. I'm super happy with my tattoo (he did an awesome galaxy background and touched up this moon tattoo I have). I bought a few new nose studs when checking out and the lady (I didn't get her name) was super helpful and even put them in for me, since I didn't have experience with that kind. The building is really nice and I like that there are separate rooms. Great atmosphere and service. I will definitely be back."

Elizabeth Anne
"Chroma Tattoo has a very professional but relaxed environment. They do amazing work and are happy to walk you through every step of the way. I highly recommend them for first timers and seasoned vets. They also provide great cover-ups, recoloring, and touch-ups."

Ashley Shindler
"Chroma tattoo is an awesome shop. The artists are nice and welcoming with their creative process on my specific selection for my tattoo. Thank You Chroma Tattoo, I will be back for my next one!"

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